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Reporting on Deadline? EWA Has the Resources You Need

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that EWA’s website – Ed Media Commons — is open to the public. You still need to be an EWA member in order to take part in online discussions, but visitors are welcome. I encourage you drop by, take a look around, and consider joining EWA.

Also for education reporters, EWA has some valuable new resources to announce. Our series of Reporter Guides tackling topics interviewing children, making the most of your campus visits. The newest edition to the series, on how to read a school district’s budget, comes from Education Week’s Michele McNeil (one half of the dynamic duo behind the  Politics K-12 blog). A veteran beat reporter, McNeil offers some smart tips for cutting through the red tape and figuring out where those public dollars are really going.

If you’re looking for ideas on deadline, head for EWA’s Story Starters website. You’ll find background information on topics ranging from classroom technology to school safety, in addition to suggested sources, related organizations, and recent research.