Blog: The Educated Reporter

Reading List: Chicago Sun-Times, Slate and EWA Higher Ed Seminar

I’ve been traveling quite a bit the past few days, and that’s let me catch up on some overdue reading (keeping track of the multitude of education stories and blogs could be a fulltime job).

One story I’ve been meaning to share comes from the Chicago Sun-Times, about top-performing schools having longer instructional days (click here for the link).

Is anyone really surprised that more time on task might have something to do with higher achievement?

Speaking of time on task, I’m at UCLA for the next few days for EWA’s Higher Education Seminar. It’s going to be a full schedule, as you can see from the agenda.

Today I’ll be moderating a panel discussion on “When Getting a Job Means Getting a Degree.” I look forward to sharing some of the highlights with you.

In the meantime, if you want a truly terrific read about the relationship between education and employment, try this: Paul Lukas’ exceptional series for, about the Manhattan Trade School for Girls. (Click here for the link.)

In 1996, he stumbled onto an abandoned (and nearly trashed) file cabinet of report cards that dated back to the 1920’s and even earlier. The stories and history he relates explain how and why trade schools were valued at the time as a key component of anti-poverty campaigns. His efforts to track down the former students are also a valuable lesson in enterprise journalism.