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The “not the worst thing ever” award goes to …

… portable classrooms!

If there were a ratio of how much parents cared about a specific educational issue to how much it actually mattered in their children’s daily lives, you know what would score highest? Classroom trailers. The article in which parents complain that their children are in portables, or board members call for increased capital funds because of all the portables, is a staple on the education beat. Next time you are writing it, do us all a favor and spend some time in a school with trailers. Visit those classes, as well as classes in the regular building. Are children learning differently? Are they unsafe? I am so lazy I occasionally skip lunch rather than walk downstairs to the kitchen, and I hate to go out in the cold, so I get that having to pass outside between class and, say, P.E. can be annoying. But is it truly the tragedy so many make it out to be? I wish stories on the subject read less like laments and more like straightforward assessments of reality.

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