Blog: The Educated Reporter

A new blog from EWA … and the “value” of education.

EWA has started a blog called Ed Beat. You’ll hear from my smart colleagues about what education journalists might keep their eye on and what questions they might ask, and I will chip in once in a while too. Please read, and contribute.

Two of the first posts are about reports on the financial value of an education. I am always a little skeptical about future-jobs-lost and income-that-might-have-been-made estimations. These calculations assume that everyone who gets a degree or diploma will be employed to their fullest potential, yes? And that jobs will be created just because everyone has the education for them. I am certain many factors beyond that depend what jobs will exist and what people might earn. I’m curious if anyone has looked at earlier predictions of this ilk and matched them up against what really came to pass. I imagine the prognosticators of a decade ago overestimated what diplomas and degrees would mean for job creation and income in 2010, right?