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Mid-Week Roundup: Undocumented Students, Head Start and the Penn State Scandal

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan spoke in support of letting undocumented students pay in-state college tuition, pointing to Rhode Island as an example of a state on the right track. (Read more about the Ocean State and the DREAM Act here.)

When it comes to immigration issues, new policies — however well intentioned — don’t come without significant consequences. Esther Cepeda, a Washington Post columnist, had a provocative piece calling the California Dream Act both misleading and potentially risky for immigrants. You can read her column here.

President Obama is calling for more oversight and stricter standards for federal Head Start programs, according to this story from the Philadelphia Enquirer. (I wrote about the recent push for more innovative — and successful — early childhood programs in a prior blog post. You can find it here.)

The Daily Collegian is producing some strong work on its coverage of the alleged sex abuse scandal at Penn State.

The student newspaper has had numerous stories about the charges against former Penn State Football defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, and the effect of the scandal on campus life. That’s included a piece looking into the disappearance of “Sandusky Blitz” ice cream from the campus creamery (Click here for a link to the Daily Collegian’s web site).

These can be murky waters for even veteran journalists, and the campus reporters seem to be more than holding their own.