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Michelle Rhee: Getting as Good as She Gives

I’ve put together a round-up of the latest coverage of Michelle Rhee, from the new Frontline documentary airing tonight to her advocacy group’s new report grading states for how well they hew to StudentsFirst’s agenda. You’ll find it all at EdMedia Commons.

I’ve also got an in-depth Q&A with veteran education journalist John Merrow of PBS Newshour — The Education of Michelle Rhee is the result of five years of work on his part to examine the effects of her rocky tenure in as the District of Columbia Public Schools chancellor from 2007-10.

Here’s just a sampling from our thought-provoking conversation: Merrow (who’s been in the  business nearly 40 years) told me that while looking for sources to talk about Rhee, the number of times people hung up on him or refused to go beyond “no comment” set a record for his distinguished career.

“Michelle Rhee is certainly feared,” Merrow told me. “One of the remarkable aspects in reporting this story is the level of fear she produces.”

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Have a question, comment or concern for the Educated Reporter? Contact Emily Richmond. Follow her on Twitter @EWAEmily.

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