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Joel, Randi and me.

When I reported in middle schools I always picked up stray notes off the floor. A highlight of my collection is a crumpled piece of loose-leaf that says in now-fading pencil:


I keep it above my desk and couldn’t help but look at it when Jane Hannaway asked me to moderate a teacher quality forum at the Urban Institute featuring Joel Klein and Randi Weingarten. Unlike a middle school catfight, however, this discussion will be enlightened and incisive, and will involve the principal’s office only insofar as the conversation touches on the importance of school-based administrators in ensuring teacher quality. Further ensuring a lively debate, the other panelists are Andy Rotherham and David Monk, dean of the Penn State School of Education. We will be talking about Jane’s and Dan Goldhaber’s new book, Creating a New Teaching Profession.

Come if you are in D.C. Monday, April 19, at the Urban Institute, 2100 M Street NW, 3 p.m. Register at the link above. I promise you won’t be bored.