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ISO an article that fills in the bubbles—I mean blanks.

Nearly a decade ago, only a few months into George W. Bush’s first term as president, Nicholas Lemann wrote a really interesting New Yorker piece about how No Child Left Behind evolved and the key players behind it. He focused especially on mastermind Sandy Kress, whom we would learn a lot more about in the Texas Observer years later.

I want to read the in-depth magazine piece about who exactly has been behind Obama and Duncan’s education policy and what their motivations are, and I want to read it soon! I want to read how Obama went from someone whose campaign platform railed against “preparing students to fill in bubbles on standardized tests” to someone whose education reforms measure everything—everything!—in terms of how well students are filling in the bubbles.

No matter where you stand on the substance of the policy, that is an interesting evolution. Wouldn’t you like to read that piece? Or write it?


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