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How four-year-olds spend their time.

Latino children in Illinois are far less likely to go to preschool than their peers are, according to a new report by Bruce Fuller that’s being discussed today at a meeting EWA is cosponsoring in Chicago. Rosalind Rossi wrote about the research in today’s Sun-Times.

You frequently see some form of the statement “Latino children are more likely to be taken care of by relatives,” but I have always wanted to see beyond that. I would love to read a story that compares, in up-close narrative, how three- and four-year-olds in various forms of care (including the aforementioned relatives) spend their time. What kinds of communication are they exposed to and do they engage in? How much time do they spend in front of screens? What kind of emphasis is put on interpersonal relations, manners, following instructions, creativity, play, work?

In all the conversation around funding of preschool, this could be a powerful piece of work.