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Hey Girl! Pizza, Community Colleges and Ryan Gosling

For a more original take on threats by a school district to layoff teachers as a result of massive budget cuts, consider Voices of San Diego reporter Will Carless’ report in which he uses a pizza to demonstrate that there’s usually more slices left in the personnel pie than the public is led to believe.

Big lay off numbers get thrown around early, when the reality is a district often ends up laying off far fewer teachers than might originally be projected, Carless says.

If you think Carless is being too flippant about a critical concern, he offers this disclaimer with the video link: “As the husband of a teacher, I know first-hand how trying it can be for a teacher to not be guaranteed a job the following year. Layoff notices are no joke, and that’s why we’re paying them so much attention.”

Justin Pope of the Associated Press strikes again with a terrific takeout piece on community colleges, “long the the under-loved stepchildren of American higher education.” His story hits the mark when he describes the nation’s community college systems as looking like “the the most promising source of fuel for quickly revving up an economic recovery.”

I’ve been wondering about the source of the hilarious memes that have been making the rounds via email chains and social media, which combine encouraging comments for student teachers with photos of heartthrob movie star Ryan Gosling. Education blogger Alexander Russo was clever enough to track down the student teacher behind the series, and he scored an interview with her.  The Gosling “Hey Girl” series have been appropriated by numerous professions, but it would be hard to find an example where kind words were more welcomed than this: ”Teaching is hard. You’re doing a wonderful job.”


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