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The `Good Grade Pill,’ Extended Learning, and Community Partnerships

By now you’ve probably read the disturbing New York Times front-pager on students abusing the prescription ADHD medications to boost their performance on high-stakes exams.One of the more striking aspects of the story was a screen shot from a New York-area site, showing dozens of offers for “study aids.I’m curious whether Craig Newmark, the online resource’s founder, had any reaction to the story, or whether it might force a conversation about some of the site’s posting policies. Certainly how students are improperly obtaining the medication is just one part of an important story, and online black markets are just one source. But I think it’s worth exploring.

I’m off to New Orleans for a forum on how community partnerships can help support public schools, hosted by The After School Corporation. TASC is a nonprofit organization that is implementing extended learning programs in New York City, Baltimore and New Orleans. I’ll share more after the event but in the meantime you can read about extended learning time here. For more on community partnerships, take a look a post written for EWA’s Ed Beat blog by Diana Lambert of the Sacramento Bee.


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