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EWA Webinar Recap: Making the Most of Your Campus Visits

In case you missed it, here’s the link to the recording of our webinar for the latest in our series of Reporter Guides, focusing on how to make the most of your campus visits.

We had some great questions from the participants — and insightful, thoughtful answers from our presenters. Sarah Carr walked us through the process of embedding herself in New Orleans’ post-Katrina school system for her new book “Hope Against Hope.” And Kristen Graham of the Philadelphia Inquirer shared the challenges of reporting for the paper’s Pulitzer-prize winning series Assault on Learning, detailing violence in the city’s public schools.

If you’re looking for story ideas or background for a project already in the works, stop by Story Starters, EWA’s new online resource. You can also catch replays of our other recent webinars here.


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