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EWA Seminars: Teacher Training, Common Core, And More

I’m off to the Twin Cities today to gear up for EWA’s seminar:  Ready to Teach: Rethinking Routes to the Classroom.  We’ll look at how colleges of education are working to improve the quality of their programs, as well as examine new accountability measures intended to better track teacher performance. I look forward to sharing with you some of the debate and discussion from our daylong event, hosted by the University of Minnesota.

In the meantime, session videos are now available from our recent seminar on what the new Common Core State Standards mean for English-language learners, teachers, and tests. Held at the California Community Foundation, the seminar was co-hosted by UC-Berkeley, Stanford University’s Understanding Language Initiative, and Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE). The session videos offer a terrific way to get up to speed on these critical issues.

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