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EWA National Awards for Education Reporting: What Were the Best Stories of 2012?

I’m working on the Educated Reporter’s annual roundup of the most memorable education journalism of the year. What were the stories that got you thinking, talking, and perhaps even doing? Email me your suggestions to I’m looking forward to reading them.

On a related note, EWA is now accepting submissions for its National Awards for Education Reporting. The deadline is Feb. 1, 2013.

There are some new categories this year,  including one group for think tanks and advocacy organizations; another group for education-only news outlets; and a third for magazines and weeklies. EWA has also reconfigured how entries are grouped, basing them now on the size of an organization’s newsroom rather than circulation or pageviews.

You can begin the contest entry process here. If you have questions or concerns, EWA contest coordinator Mikhail Zinshteyn can be reached at

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