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Early Admissions Policies Frustrate Some College Applicants

In the The Quick and Ed blog, Education Sector’s Rachel Fishman points out that a New York Times piece about students at elite private schools being rejected for early admission to top-tier colleges does not reflect the full picture of the nation’s post-secondary population.

Fishman is spot on, although I don’t think many of the New York Times’ readers could ever confuse the experiences of the girls of the Brearley School (where a year’s tuition is $36,800) with anything close to “average.” 

As we’ve discussed here previously, nontraditional college students are indeed gaining in numbers. They attend community colleges, or enroll in online programs while continuing to hold down their day jobs. Yes, some students attend elite colleges, an educational model poised to undergo a major overhaul.

The early admissions debate is a rich one. For more on the subject, check out Steve Cohen’s piece from the Daily Beast. I also recommend Jay Mathew’s response to the New York Times story in his Class Struggle blog.


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