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Duncan Calls For Radical Change and Another View Of Parent Trigger

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan told a town hall in Las Vegas, Nev. that it’s going to take “radical change” to improve public schools, and the nation’s economic health depends on that happening (Click here for the link to the Las Vegas Sun’s story).

Had the Silver State appeared on the list of 23 potential grantees for the Ed Department’s “I3″ innovation grants, I might be more encouraged about Nevada’s prospects for embracing the kind of community partnerships that Duncan is advocating.

The Washington Post has an interesting video interview with author Eric Ries, about how the nation is failing its students by not “rewarding risk-taking.” You can watch it here 

I wrote earlier this week about lessons from California’s new rule requiring public schools to convert to a charter school or undergo significant transformation if enough parents sign a petition. Over on his blog, Alexander Russo spotlighted about a Northern California’s school with its own experience with the “parent trigger.” Russo is right: “August to June” is worth a look.