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The disconnect between charters and school districts.

I am not quite sure how far $100,000 goes in an urban school district, but it’s good to see somebody—in this case, the Gates Foundation—doing something about the chasm between charter and traditional schools. The foundation has gotten nine districts to agree to collaborate with their charters, and vice versa, on data, best practices and so on.This makes all sorts of sense: students move back and forth, great ideas should not grow in isolation, and—oh yeah—they all have the same goal, or should: helping students succeed.

Readers might not know just how uncooperative these relationships tend to be, how difficult if not impossible it is to track students from place to place, how innovations in one arena rarely make it to the other … so it is up to you to provide the context. And it is a subject worth writing about even if you don’t cover one of these nine cities.