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Chestnut-porcini soup, FTW!

I hope that this week you will be exchanging your Blackberries for apples and pumpkins, and enjoying family instead of reading blogs. I sure will be. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, yet I have not had a slam-dunk one for some time. I have a good feeling about this year. We are hosting my family at our cabin in the woods, where with any luck (and a cooperative toddler) there will be much playing of guitars, board games and Wii.

I am looking forward to cooking a democratically elected dinner. What wins when eight diners vote on each course? Shocker: not brussels sprouts. Chestnut soup, overwhelmingly; mashed potatoes, by a nose; sausage stuffing, natch; four-onion gratin, a surprising upset; and green beans. My sister-in-law-in-law is baking the pies—thank goodness, as I am horrible at crusts—but if I have time, I’d like to make some maple ice cream to go with them.

No matter how bad the economy, no matter how crappy the state of our industry, no matter how crotchety I find myself getting about politics, bills, self-centered people and incessantly barking dogs, there is still an awful lot to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving.


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