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In Case You Missed It: EWA’s STEM Express, Webinar Replays Now Available

The push toward STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education programs is one of the hottest topics on the table right now, and EWA wants to help you keep up to date.Our new Thursday STEM Express (TSE) is an ongoing digest of the latest news and opinion on this critical issue.You can find it — along with a wealth of other terrific content — at EdMedia Commons.I’ve written recently about federal efforts to improve the STEM teacher workforce, and the ongoing struggle to increase girls’ involvement.

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EWA’s most recent webinar — Giving Guidance: Counselors’ Role in Student College & Career Readiness — is now available online. Pat Martin, assistant vice president of the College Board National Office for School Counselor Advocacy, walks us through the second-annual survey of guidance counselors, who shared their views of their work and what needs to change for them to be more effective. We also heard from Peggy Hines, director of the Education Trust’s National Center for Transforming School Counseling, who shared what’s working in in some of the organization’s partner campuses, and what needs to change at the local and state levels.

The quick takeaway? Most counselors believe they need more training specifically in how to help students get ready for the real-life challenges that await them in higher education and the workplace. Additionally, too many schools are burdening counselors with administrative duties such as test preparation or coordinating special events, instead of having them focus on direct student interactions. When counselors get the time and support they need to do their most critical work, student achievement is measurably improved, said Kathy Smallwood, a middle school guidance counselor in Mobile Ala.,who also participated in the webinar. You’ll find the replay, along with all of the presenters’ materials, here.

If you’re looking for story ideas, or just want to learn more about issues such as online learning or federal K-12 education reform, your first stop should be Story Starters, EWA’s new online resource. You’ll find the latest research, contact information for potential sources, and even suggestions of key questions to ask. From early childhood and preschool to higher education, Story Starters has you covered.

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