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“Voting With Their Feet”

An organization that analyzes real estate trends, Trulia, took a look at real estate and education. It compared the ratio of 5- to 9-year-olds to the number of preschool kids to come up with its numbers to see whether parents deliberately moved into higher-ranked school districts (judged by Great School ratings).

According to chief economist Jed Kolko:

  • Parents “vote with their feet” and move to school districts with better Great School ratings that are more affordable and have lower density. 
  • Despite that, the districts are affordable. However, that means they’re far from jobs and parents must commute long distances. 

Here are a couple of links. Trulia ranked the top 10, but has a full national database ranked by parents moving in and out. 

The Wall Street Journal wrote an article about it.

What questions do you have, based on this?

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