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Tomorrow’s Teacher: Video from the National Seminar

If you missed all or part of the Tomorrow’s Teacher session at our 65th National Seminar, you can check out videos of each speaker’s full remarks in this handy widget:

Here’s a playlist:

  1. Introductory Remarks by Greg Toppo, USA Today
  2. The Teaching Force: Transforming Before Our Eyes – Richard Ingersoll, professor, University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education
  3. Great Teachers Aren’t Born. They’re Taught – Deborah Loewenberg Ball, dean, University  of Michigan School of Education
  4. You Can’t Get There From Here – Ted Mitchell, president, NewSchools Venture Fund
  5. The Myth of the Super Teacher – Roxanna Elden, teacher, Hialeah High School
  6. Extending the Reach of Excellent Teachers – Bryan Hassel, co-director, Public Impact
  7. The Dynamic Trio of Effective Teaching Measures: Classroom Observations, Student Surveys and Student Achievement Gains – Thomas Kane, professor, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  8. That Class Coulda’ Broke Me But… – Denise Khaalid, assistant principal, South Pointe High School
  9. It Is (Mostly) About Improvement – Anthony Bryk, president, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
  10. Education Utopia: Unions Leading the Way – Rebecca Pringle, secretary-treasurer, National Education Association
  11. Building a True Profession – Ron Thorpe, president, National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
  12. Getting to the Source: Teachers on the Future of Their Profession – Elena Silva, senior policy analyst, Education Sector
  13. Closing Remarks by Greg Toppo

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