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Tenn. School Won’t Publish Atheist Student’s Editorial

Late last week, Romenesko pointed to this story out of Lenoir City High School in Lenoir City, Tenn.

Krystal Myers is an honors student, captain of the swim team and editor of her high school newspaper.

She’s also an atheist in a predominantly Christian student body.

In a recent editorial that Myers, 18, intended for the Lenoir City High School newspaper entitled “No Rights: The Life of an Atheist,” she questioned her treatment by the majority.

School authorities refused to publish the editorial for the stated reason that it would cause a disruption at the school. Given the media attention, the strategy seems to have backfired.

The school says it’s on firm legal footing, and to be sure, there’s plenty of precedent for schools censoring student publications. But do you think the administration’s rationale is sound? Have you covered any school censorship stories along these lines?

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