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Teachers Should Be Viewed and Valued as Importantly as Doctors!

Teachers are the most abused, disrespected, stressed and tortured souls out of all great professions!  Good teachers must be globally educated, pass a mountain of examinations to be certified and endure abuse from administrators, parents and students.  They are expected to help students who are way behind to catch up, manage severe behavior problems, prevent bullying in their classroom and diagnose signs of learning disabilities.

They must design lesson plans that reflect their grouping, who didn’t master the lesson, why they didn’t grasp it, what he/she will do differently when reteaching that lesson and maintain detailed running records on each child!  The responsibilities and necessary skills are endless!  There’s no thank yous for buying clothes, supplies and paying for trips!  However, as soon as students’ scores plummet, teachers take all of the blame.  Most people can think back on a teacher or two who saved or changed their life in some way! Other than parents, no one else has the power to shape and impact children’s lives like teachers do!  Once the teaching profession gains the respect and the important status given to doctors and lawyers, there will be a significant improvement in education across America!  Parents across the whole country should gasp in horror at the announcement that monies and teachers will be cut from districts!  There should be riots and picketing in the streets! There should be gnashing of teeth and wailing in each state at the suggestion of not giving our children what they deserve! However, we sit helplessly by the road side and spend endless hours griping about what is needed and what’s being done incorrectly!  Why do we bother to invest millions of dollars in education research if we are not going to do what the results show is needed? Higher salaries and respect will encourage more people to study education and therefore enable districts to let go of mediocre teachers and administrators and improve teacher quality in public school districts.  A country’s priorities are seen in the areas that receive attention and funding!


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