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Teacher Evaluations: States Moving Quickly to Increase Expectations, Accountability

The landscape for teacher evaluations is quickly evolving, as policymakers and educators wrangle with the public’s rising demand for greater accountability – and measurable gains – by public schools.

Currently at least 24 states have adopted policies making “classroom effectiveness” a factor in measuring a teacher’s performance. Here’s one indicator of just how quickly these reforms are moving: In 2011, just 15 states required teacher evaluations of any kind, according to the National Council on Teacher Quality.

The Hechinger Report has teamed up with media outlets nationwide to cover this critical issue. Here’s a roundup of the coverage:

Mississippi Develops New Teacher Evaluation System

April 17, 2013

Under a new state system, student test score data, as well as the scores teachers receive from observations conducted by administrators, will be factored into educators’ evaluations.

Some Mississippi Districts Have Critical Teacher Needs

April 17, 2013

Nearly a third of Mississippi’s school districts have been identified as having “critical needs” due to extensive teacher shortage.

Long Neglected Law on Teacher Evaluations Rises to the Forefront

June 3, 2013

The LAUSD is found to have violated a long-standing law requiring that student test scores be factored into teachers’ evaluations.  Concerns have also been raised about how the dollars earmarked for related efforts are being collected and distributed.

As State Watches, L.A. Unified Tests New Ways to Grade Teachers

June 3, 2013

Nowhere else in California has the debate over the use of student test scores to grade teachers gained more attention than in the Los Angeles Unified School District. The second-largest school district in the nation with more than 640,000 students, Los Angeles Unified has become a testing ground to increase accountability for teachers, a movement that has gained speed across the nation.

Uncertainty As New Teacher Evaluation Systems Near

June 25, 2013

New evaluation systems are being implemented in New Jersey and Philadelpia. Classroom observations and student performance are among the new criteria that will be considered. 

Student Growth – Teachers Must Show Proof

July 1, 2013

Amid a national push to improve teacher quality and remove ineffective teachers from the profession, Indiana’s new evaluations are becoming an intensive yearlong process for all teachers.

Teachers on Screen: Video Could be Key Tool

July 2, 2013

The video camera is hardly a new training tool, but with a nationwide push underway to dramatically improve teacher training and evaluation, the teacher video critiques that emerged at Arlington High School this year could conceivably be the rule in years to come rather than the exception.

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