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Teacher Evaluation: Report Coverage & Webinar Materials

EWA held a free webinar yesterday to give reporters the opportunity to hear from and question the author of a report released today on the timely and contentious topic of teacher evaluation.
The report from the National Council on Teacher Quality, “State of the States: Trends and Early Lessons on Teacher Evaluation and Effectiveness Policies,” is now available online.

If you missed the webinar, you can access it on demand here.
I have also attached a copy of the PowerPoint presentation used during the webinar.

We are still collecting coverage of the report, and I have heard from some folks that they’re working on longer-term stories. But here is an early roundup:

If you’re a reporter who wants to dig more deeply into this topic, EWA has just one or two more slots remaining for our upcoming one-day seminar, “Evaluating Teachers: Beyond the Rhetoric.” It’s at the University of Chicago on Saturday, Nov. 12, so you don’t need to miss a day in the office. If you want to apply under the wire, go here.

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