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SAT ‘Hired Gun’ on 60 Minutes

I just caught up with a fascinating 60 Minutes story on a student from Great Neck, N.Y. who sold his formidable SAT-taking skills to desperate classmates for thousands of dollars. Described as a “hired gun” by the district attorney who prosecuted him, Sam Eshaghoff took the SAT at least 16 times, charging as much as $2,500 for a score in the 97th percentile or above.

There was a lot of coverage of this scandal when the arrests took place. For example, both The New York Times and Newsday ran multiple pieces about the cheating and subsequent calls for increased security at testing centers.

Has anything like this happened in your districts? I have to be honest: The most galling aspects of this are the light punishment Eshaghoff received, as well as the fact that the testing service hasn’t — and cannot — notify the schools to which the cheating students won admission. Have you heard of anything like this with more dire consequences for the offenders? What most bothers you about the case?

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