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Ready to Teach: Resources from ‘Rethinking Routes to the Classroom’ Seminar

Ready to Teach: Resources from ‘Rethinking Routes to the Classroom’ Seminar

We recently held our one-day seminar for journalists on the topic of teacher training. Ready to Teach: Rethinking Routes to the Classroom was held at the University of Minnesota on Oct. 26, and if you couldn’t join us in Minneapolis, you can browse some of the sessions below.

Click here for the seminar background reading.

Keynote Speaker Arthur Levine

We also have three interactive presentations; click the titles to open, and use the PowerPoint slides to navigate.

Skills-Building Session

An overview of federal Title II reports for individual states and how journalists might use them to evaluate teacher training.

Moderator: Betsy Hammond, The Oregonian


  • Allison Henderson, Westat
  • Stephanie Dalton, U.S. Department of Education

Testing a New Test

A new system for assessing whether aspiring teachers are ready for the classroom is quietly unfurling across the teacher-licensing landscape. EdTPA, initiated by Stanford University and the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE), has been field-tested by at least 160 schools of education and 7,000 licensure candidates in 25 states. Minnesota and three other states have committed to it. But pushback to the assessment has flared recently in multiple locales. What is this assessment all about, how will it affect teacher training, and will it be used to hold teacher education programs accountable for the quality of their graduates?

Moderator: Erin Richards, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


  • Linda Darling-Hammond, Stanford University
  • Kate Walsh, National Council on Teacher Quality
  • Debra Walden, Crosswinds Arts and Science School

Colleges of Education: Embracing Change or Resisting It?

Since normal schools dotted the American landscape in the 1800s, colleges of education have been periodically targeted for criticism about their quality. And once more, in an era focused on teacher effectiveness, colleges of education are under pressure to reform. While leaders are responding, will education schools transform themselves to the satisfaction of critics? How much reinvention is actually unfolding, and where are changes showing promise?

Moderator: Claudio Sanchez, NPR


  • Linda Darling-Hammond, Stanford University
  • Mistilina Sato, University of Minnesota
  • Teresa Heck, St. Cloud State University
  • Mari Koerner, Arizona State University

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