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Q and A with EWA Research Roundtable

EWA has formed a roundtable of 12 researchers who will review upcoming reports and offer reporters guidance on covering research. They also will review upcoming briefs for journalists on “what studies say” on particular timely education topics.

The researchers hail from think tanks, regional laboratories, and top universities. During the week of Dec. 5, panel members have agreed to respond to your questions about research issues you grapple with on a daily basis.

Here are the questions we asked them to consider. We hope you’ll come up with others.

  • Journalists receive so many reports, briefs and white papers. What are some ways they can sort the good research from the bad?
  • How should they look at research reports to determine whether a “change” is statistically significant?
  • Can a study conducted in one location apply to another?

Meet the roundtable:

  • Dominic Brewer, University of Southern California
  • Beth Graue, University of Wisconsin
  • Bryan Hassel, Public Impact
  • Robert Hauser, National Research Council
  • Joseph Hawkins, Westat
  • Rebecca Herman, American Institutes for Research
  • Alexander Mayer, MDRC
  • Martin Orland, WestEd
  • Mark Schneider, American Institutes for Research
  • Sue Sporte, Consortium on Chicago School Research
  • Jon Supovitz, Consortium for Policy Research on Education
  • Brenda Turnbull, Policy Studies Associates

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