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Podcasts from the 65th National Seminar

In addition to a large block of forthcoming videos from the 65th National Seminar and our ongoing series of guest blogs on Ed Beat, we captured a few sessions as podcasts. You can find descriptions and download links below. Happy listening!

School Violence: What Can Reporters Uncover?

In many communities, campus violence and student discipline issues are ever-present concerns for educators struggling to make schools safe places to work and learn. Members of the Pulitzer Prize-winning team from The Philadelphia Inquirer and others discuss the newspaper’s year-long project on school violence and its impact on the community.

Moderator: Dale Mezzacappa, contributing editor, Philadelphia Public School Notebook

  • Lorene Cary, member, Philadelphia School Reform Board
  • Rose Ciotta, senior editor for digital/print projects, The Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Helen Gym, founder, Parents United for Public Education
  • Susan Snyder, reporter, The Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Bach Tong, student, Science Leadership Academy

How to Improve Your Access to Schools


A roundtable including journalists, a public information officer and a principal discuss how reporters can better gain access to schools and classrooms.

Moderator: Erin Richards, education reporter, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

  • Terry Corallo, director of communications, Paterson Public Schools, N.J.
  • Michael Foran, principal, New Britain High School in New Britain, Conn.
  • Rose Ciotta, senior editor for digital/print projects, The Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Susan Snyder, higher education reporter, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Should Funding and Facilities Follow the Child?


Charter advocates are pushing for greater access to facilities and more equitable funding. At the same time, some school districts are seeing steep budget cuts, and in some cases facing bankruptcy, in part because of a shift of students and funding to charter schools. We explore a range of perspectives on this complicated issue.

Moderator: Dale Mezzacappa, contributing editor, Philadelphia Public School Notebook

  • Bryan Hassel, co-director, Public Impact
  • Gary Miron, professor, Western Michigan University
  • Pedro Ramos, chairman, Philadelphia School
  • Reform Board
  • Joe Williams, executive director, Democrats for Education Reform

Higher Ed Plenary Session: Can Community Colleges Get Better?


More than ever, community colleges are being seen as key to getting millions of Americans the education they need to thrive. Yet while many students enter community colleges for job training that does not culminate in a degree, many more intend to get a degree but fall short. What can change? What are examples of model community colleges?

Moderator: Mary Beth Marklein, higher education reporter, USA Today

  • David Baime, senior vice president for government relations, American Association of Community Colleges
  • Judith Gay, vice president for academic affairs, Community College of Philadelphia
  • Mark Schneider, vice president, American Institutes for Research
  • Amy E. Slaton, associate professor, history and politics, Drexel University
  • Josh Wyner, executive director, College Excellence Program, The Aspen Institute

Higher Ed Plenary Session: New Research on State Policy and College-Going Gaps


In a new analysis, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania make the case that some state higher education policies may be aggravating social stratification and widening college-going gaps. Are states implementing the right policies to improve higher education, or are they making matters worse? Are there solutions? How should reporters cover these issues

Moderator: Scott Jaschik, co-founder and editor, Inside Higher Ed

  • Joni Finney, practice professor of higher education, University of Pennsylvania
  • Laura Perna, professor of education, University of Pennsylvania
  • Ryan Reyna, program director, National Governors Association

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