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‘Interventionists’ leading classrooms

A local district has a pilot program this year where a lead teacher will be responsible for three elementary classrooms, and “interventionists” will be working in the others.

The interventionists are fully certified, and will be paid a $91 a day wage. Most of them are younger people looking for jobs, and would have been substitutes earning $75 a day, without the stability of coming to the same room each day.

The superintendent compared them in interns. They’re members of the support staff union, and will gain a year toward their state pensions.

Principals said the set-up allows for more ability grouping, and students are issued netbooks for online work.

Teachers union leaders are worried that the profession is being devalued, and that the lead teachers will have too much responsibility.

The administrators don’t know of another district doing something like this — but I thought I’d check that with the fine folks here.

Anyone else know of something like this?


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