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Improving Access to Schools

Though we haven’t posted our agenda for the 65th National Seminar, I can tell you that one of the sessions we have planned will be on the subject of improving access to schools. You may recall the incident from December in Connecticut in which New Haven Independent reporter Melissa Bailey clashed — on video — with a PIO who ultimately apologized and resigned (Emily Richmond previously talked to Bailey about the story).

These incidents don’t always make it into the newspaper, but we here in the office hear anecdotes with some frequency, and it seems like every journalist, if they’re on the beat long enough, has to engage in a heated discussion about open meeting laws with a school official. 

My question: If you were attending this session – and you can! – what would you want to talk about? If you have experience on the PIO side of the equation, do you have any insights to share or know of any great speakers on the topic?
Reporters, have you had to fight to gain access to a school, student or staff member? And if so, what was the result (the request for speaker ideas extends to you as well)?

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