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Humor in the schoolhouse

At School Administrator magazine, we publish a back-page humor column called “Leadership Lite,” and we’d love for K-12 education beat reporters to share amusing tales that might be fitting for this purpose. Some of our better contributions over the years have come from the news reporting ranks.

What we’re seeking are short, humorous anecdotes (that generally can be told in no more than four or five paragraphs) that relate to some telling aspect of life in K-12 education or the day-to-day work in a school district. Anecdotes should be based on the contributor’s own experience — something you’ve seen or heard — in a school setting, administrative office, school board meeting, etc.

To spark your creative thinking, I can send you electronically a few recent installments of “Leadership Lite.” Of course, if you have access to back issues of School Administrator, you can review the humor page yourself.

Please submit your stories to me at jgoldman@aasa.org. Thank you!

Jay P. Goldman
Editor, School Administrator

This post originally appeared on EWA’s now-defunct online community, EdMedia Commons. Old content from EMC will appear in the Ed Beat archives.