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How Should Special Education Teacher Job Performance Be Measured?

The Associated Press has a thoughtful story addressing an important question in the push for school reform: How do you measure the performance of special education teachers when the progress of their students is so difficult to quantify? 

From the AP’s story:

“In a survey by the National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality, 63 percent of special education teachers said they believed student achievement gains should be a component of their evaluations, but only 21 percent thought standardized test scores were an appropriate measure.

Seventy-eight percent said their state hadn’t determined how to measure the growth of students with the most profound disabilities. Complicating matters is the very limited research available on special education assessments and evaluations. That means states will have to study and modify their systems as they go along.”

What do you think? How should schools, districts and states approach proposals to evaluate special education teachers? What factors should be taken into consideration? 

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