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Higher Ed Roundup: Sen. Warren on Student Loans, Demographics & More

Roundup From 2013 Higher Education Seminar in Boston

More than 50 journalists joined EWA for last week’s annual Higher Education Seminar, held Sept. 27-28 at Northeastern University in Boston. As always, we look forward to the coverage inspired and informed by the event. So far, we know about the following stories: 

Politico: “Elizabeth Warren’s higher ed agenda

The Huffington Post: “Elizabeth Warren Calls For Big Changes To Student Loans

Education Week: “Study Identifies Strategies for Blacks, Latinos to Succeed Academic…” and “Experts See Challenges Ahead in Creating College-Rating System

Inside Higher Ed: “In Plain Sight” and “Early Transfers: Dropouts or Successes?”

Victoria Advocate: “National Hispanic student college enrollment grows” and “Guess Who’s Coming to Campus

The Atlantic: “Young Black and Latino Men Are, in Fact, Going to College” and “Who’s Going to (and Graduating From) College, in 7 Charts

The Chronicle of Higher Education: “Experts Weigh Pros and Cons of Obama’s Plan to Rate Colleges” and “Colleges Should Bear Some of the Risk on Student Loans, Senator Says

National Journal: “How Will Colleges Adapt to New Populations

WGBH: “Student Loan Debt Surpasses $1.2 Trillion

Podcasts of Seminar Sessions

In the meantime, we recorded many of the sessions at the Higher Education Seminar. Missed a quote from a panel? Want to review a section to improve your grasp of the subject matter? These podcasts are free.

Elizabeth Warren on Student Debt and College Costs   

Obama’s Proposal: Will Performance Ratings Hurt Student Access?                                                

The 10 Higher Education Stories You Should Be Covering This Year                           

Black and Latino Males: Getting To and Through College                                                               

Tracking Veterans’ Success                                                         

The Changing Face of College                                                    

Getting In: The Debate Continues                                                           

Making the Most of Online Education                                                    

The Struggle to Fill Seats

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For a full agenda of the seminar, “Guess Who’s Coming to Campus: What Demographic Changes Mean for Colleges and Reporters,” go to EWA.org

Photo: U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) speaks to reporters during the EWA Higher Education Seminar on Sept. 28, 2013

Credit: Mikhail Zinshteyn, EWA

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