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Education Week: New Breed of Advocacy Groups Shaping the Policy Landscape

Education Week takes a comprehensive look at advocacy groups in a new report, detailing how aggressive campaigning — and big spending — are having an impact on the business of schooling, especially at the state level.

As Ed Week’s Stephen Sawchuk writes, the groups “promote variations on the idea that they represent students’ interests over those of adults. They are generally associated with education policy overhauls based on standards, test-based accountability, and some free-market principles in areas such as teacher training.”

The Ed Week report focuses on several groups that are becoming increasingly familiar faces, including Democrats for Education Reform, Stand for Children and StudentsFirst. Some of the organizations are divided by political affiliation, while others focus more on attracting a wide range of supporters to a specific policy goal.

How active are these groups (and others) in your community? What has been the reaction and response from local school boards and teachers unions? Are the new advocacy groups seen as well-intentioned citizens or meddlesome interlopers?

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