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Does Secrecy in Superintendent Searches Yield More Qualified Candidates?

Over the past few months there’s been no shortage of school districts — big and small, urban and rural — looking for new leadership. At the same time, many of the superintendent searches are being conducted at a covert level that seems more fitting for private industry than a public office.

In Charlotte, N.C., Observer reporter Ann Doss Helms staked out the airport to catch a glimpse of candidates flying in and out for one-day (closed door) meetings with school board members. Baltimore Sun reporter Liz Bowie reports that superintendent searches in Maryland require the skills of a CIA agent.

What do you think? Should superintendent searches be an open process? Or does the secrecy mean more desirable candidates will throw their hats into the ring? (For more on the debate, check out School Administrator’s thoughtful piece from October 2010.)

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