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At Diving into Data, Reporter Crunches Numbers on School Closings in Philly

Benjamin Herold, reporter at WHYY’s Newsworks, in collaboration with the Philadelphia Public School Notebook, crunched numbers at EWA’s Diving Into Data Workshop Feb. 22-25 and came up with an interesting analysis of neighborhood schools and how students and their parents choose whether to stay in the local school or move elsewhere.

Herold’s conclusion in one of the stories: “At the elementary level,  a NewsWorks analysis of the data shows that roughly two-thirds of public school students in the city are choosing their neighborhood elementary school. About one in five choose some kind of charter, and one in 10 go to a neighborhood school other than their own. Those numbers cover the 159 school attendance zones for which the district made information available.” Check out the stories and accompanying maps here: Day 1 | Day 2

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