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Dawn of Union-Reformer Détente?

In a column this week in The New York Times, Nicholas Kristof cites the teacher contract in New Haven, Conn., as a “breakthrough experiment” that “offers a glimpse of an education future that is less rancorous” than today’s knock-down-drag-out battles between the education reform camp and teachers’ unions.

The New Haven model still doesn’t go as far as I would like, but it does represent enormous progress. And it’s a glimpse of a world in which “school reform” is an agenda and not just a term that sets off a brawl.

So what do you think? Is the work going on in New Haven as “jaw-dropping” as he contends? Does the AFT deserve “a hug for daring to become part of the solution”? Or, as EWA reporters had fun probing in a recent email discussion, have New Haven’s teachers really gotten that it’s no longer OK for teachers to approach their craft as “spray and pray”? Give it a read and say what you think!

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