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Cruel Summer: Have Pell Grant Cuts Hit Students Yet?

As Congress and President Obama race to prevent the federal government from defaulting on its debt, Pell Grants—the primary federal financial aid benefit for low-income students, offering up to $5,550 per year—continue to fall into the budget cutting crosshairs. Given that some estimates state that the program faces a $10.7 billion shortfall for the ’11-’12 fiscal year, cuts or changes in Pell Grant awards might be inevitable.

This summer, for example, is the first time in years that students have not been  able to get Pell Grants for summer courses, a casualty of previous budget cut negotiations. Has anyone written or read articles yet about students who had to take time off this season because of the elimination of Pell Grants? Have any local campuses cut classes due to lower student enrollment or financial aid shortfalls?

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