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Cost of Community College

The American Institutes for Research has released a report looking at how much full-time community college students who drop out cost states and the federal government.

EWA also released a commentary about the report by University of Southern California professor Dominic Brewer. The commentary includes questions to ask institutions and the researchers about the report.

This commentary will be the first in a series provided by EWA’s new Research Roundtable, a group of roughly a dozen researchers who will work with journalists to improve reporting on education research. The researchers will examine upcoming reports and provide guidance on research through webinars and through EWA’s online community, EdMedia Commons.

Take a look and let us know what you think. If you have suggestions of future reports we should have our roundtable examine, please let us know.

This post originally appeared on EWA’s now-defunct online community, EdMedia Commons. Old content from EMC will appear in the Ed Beat archives.