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Civil Rights Era Federal Ruling Blocks White Students From Leaving Failing School

A school in Louisiana that received a failing grade on the state’s performance index sent out letters to parents informing them their students can be transferred to better achieving schools nearby. However, the letter noted white students can’t leave: A 1968 federal case that was meant to enforce desegregation blocks white students from transferring out if it means the school becomes “all-Negro.” 

The news report, which appeared in The Huffington Post this morning, examines previous instances of when districts in Louisiana had to direct students to different schools based on race. 

Students are allowed to leave failing schools in part because of Gov. Bobby Jindal’s recently enacted  Public School Choice policy, which includes a voucher provision that covers the cost of private school tuition for students leaving low performing public schools. 

Is there a way to work around this federal court case or is a new ruling required to override the 1968 decision? 

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