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Are Teacher Education Programs Failing to Teach K-12 Assessments?

The National Council on Teacher Quality has a new report out today suggesting that teacher preparation programs are lagging far behind when it comes to preparing educators to use data on student learning.

The new report, which evaluated 180 teacher preparation programs in 30 states, examined what prospective teachers were being taught about the various assessments, how well their coursework reflected what they were likely to experience on the job, and whether they were learning to how to apply the assessment results to their own work.

Among the findings of the NCTQ report:

  • Just 3 percent of teacher preparation programs are adequately preparing teacher candidates to work with the requisite assessments and data systems.
  • In a third of the states evaluated, standardized tests are rarely — if ever — addressed as part of a prospective teacher’s coursework.
  • Over 80 percent of the preparation programs were found to be inadequately preparing teachers to use data in the way that schools and districts would expect it.

The U.S. Department of Education is offering $500 million to states in incentives to improve teacher training, and is also calling for chronically low-performing programs to be shut down.

What’s your take on the NCTQ report? How do the teacher training programs in your state rate?

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