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Utah Program Encourages Latino Teens to Tutor Younger Children

The Utah high school students participating in the Latinos in Action program are working toward achieving their goal of graduating from high school–while at the same time tutoring younger students to work toward that same goal.

The Standard-Examiner newspaper recently reported on the program’s work in the Davis School District in Farmington, Utah.  Students attending Northridge High School visit Hill Field Elementary School twice weekly to tutor children in literacy and math. Within the district, there are five high schools and six junior high schools participating.

The LIA program works primarily in Utah schools, along with a few sites in Idaho and Washington. LIA teachers instruct the high school students on tutoring strategies.

“It’s a really good program in two ways,” Hill Field Elementary principal Paul Bryner told the newspaper. “It’s a great opportunity for the teens to work with kids, because there is no better way to learn than to teach. Also, it helps our teachers in that it gives them the resources to have one-on-one tutoring for the kids.”

While the high school students are helping the elementary students, the LIA teachers also mentor the teens.

“They encourage you to keep your grades up,” student Liam Torres, 18, told the newspaper. “[Our teacher] talks to us about our grades and tells us where to go to get help with our assignments or tests….They care about us graduating, and they make sure we do well in school.”

Have you heard of similar programs in your schools that work to connect older students with mentoring younger children?


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