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Study Links Stress and Obesity Among Hispanic Youth

A new study shows that children with parents with high stress levels have a greater likelihood of being obese.

Voxxi News reports that the findings appear in the journal Pediatric Obesity and also show that the link is especially pronounced among Latinos.

The researchers at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto examined the impact of stress on children’s body mass index, or BMI. Parents were also asked questions about their stress levels, such as whether they felt issues were piling up so much they could not overcome them, PsychCentral reported.

“Childhood is a time when we develop interconnected habits related to how we deal with stress, how we eat and how active we are,” researcher Ketan Shankardass said. “It’s a time when we might be doing irreversible damage or damage that is very hard to change later.”

He suggested one solution could be supporting struggling families better.

Is this just another obvious conclusion? Or is there any way a parent involvement program can address some of this issue?

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