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Spanish Theater Program Sets the Scene for Bilingualism

For some children in Los Angeles, acting out scenes in Spanish from Don Quixote is helping them achieve bilingualism. The Los Angeles Times reports that some Latino parents who are struggling to teach their children Spanish are turning to a Hispanic summer theater camp hosted by the Los Angeles Theatre Academy.

At the beginning of the camp, some of the students don’t know how to pronounce the words at first, or even what they are saying. “I’ve learned many things,” said Jude, 14, who is in the program. “I can tell you my favorite color and what I ate for breakfast and I know how to say, ‘Help. I have a medical emergency.’”

Some of the Latino parents, many of them professionals, have been struggling to teach their children Spanish on their own. And they often experience resistance from their children. “We always say, ‘OK, we’re going to do Spanish-only Sunday, but 30 minutes later, we’re back in English’” said Rosa Figueroa, an attorney with daughters in the program.

The program aims to help them fill that void.