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Report: Preschool is Worth the Investment

A new policy brief from 10 researchers aims to bolster the assertion that preschool education has a myriad of positive attributes.

The researchers reviewed research studies on preschool to compile their report. They concluded:

  • Preschool can help children with literacy, language and math development.

  • Socio-emotional development is achieved. For example, one study found children had less behavior problems such as hyperactivity after participating in Head Start programs. They also became less timid and appeared to be more engaged in learning.

  • Head Start has been shown to increase immunization rates and makes families and children more aware of dental care.

  • Children show larger gains with two years of preschool.

  • Studies have found long term effects such as lower rates of criminal behavior and teen pregnancy. The positive outcome on behavior is what researchers highlight more than impact on test scores.

  • High quality preschool has the greatest impact on children from poor families and English language learners.

Take note of the 10 researchers who compiled this report, as they may prove to be good contacts on early education issues.

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