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Report: Preschool Can Narrow Achievement Gap for Latinos

The school readiness gap between Latino and white children could be significantly narrowed if more Hispanic children enrolled in high quality preschool programs, researchers say in an issue of  The Future of Children journal that is dedicated to the topic of literacy.

The journal is produced by Princeton University and the Brookings Institution. In “The Role of Out-of-School Factors in the Literacy Problem,” Jane Waldfogel writes that  increasing Latino children’s access to preschool and improving Head Start programs would improve school readiness for Latinos.

She also notes that parent intervention programs that encourage reading in the home can also help improve children’s literacy skills.

“For children from socioeconomically disadvantaged homes, the evidence is quite strong that differences in parenting are important in explaining early literacy problems, and thus that parenting programs that promote reading and other literacy-related activities in the home in early childhood may help boost literacy,” the paper notes.


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