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Report: Hispanic Immigrant Mothers Less Likely to Work Outside the Home

Hispanic immigrant mothers are far less likely to work outside of the home than their American-born peers, according to a Pew Research Center survey.

They also have very different attitudes toward work than other groups.

According to the survey, about 85 percent of immigrant Latinos say that their children are better off when one parent is at home — compared with 62 percent of native born Latinos and 57 percent of whites and blacks. 

Latina mothers also are more likely to be less educated, low-income and married.

The report noted that women with more education are much more likely to work outside of the home. The report notes that only 58 percent of immigrant Hispanic mothers are high school graduates, compared with 84 percent of U.S.-born Hispanic mothers.

Additionally, about 47 percent of immigrant Hispanic stay at home moms are living beneath the poverty line.

Given that parent involvement is such a hot button issue, it would be interested to look at the academic outcomes of those immigrant women who are stay at home mothers compared with working mothers.