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Oregon “Parent Academy” Targets Latino Families

The Forest Grove School District in Oregon is trying to increase Latino parent involvement through a new monthly bilingual series of “Parent Academy” workshops.

The program, developed with the Salem/Keizer Coalition for Equality, addresses a variety of  topics of interest to migrant and English language learner parents. They include how to effectively communicate with schools, discipline, nutrition and using effective communication in the home.

Andrea Castillo of the Oregonian reports that the coalition helped train parents who wanted to volunteer to lead the workshops. The article notes that one workshop at an elementary school was titled “No Latino Student left Behind in Their Education” and taught parents about their rights.

“There is a great need to involve more parents,” workshop leader Ignacio Estevez told The Oregonian. “It betters schools, the community and makes families more prosperous. The saddest is that sometimes we have all the intention but don’t know the education system.”

Do you find similar efforts underway in your local school district? Is your district specifically targeting the needs and interests of Hispanic parents?


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