Blog: Latino Ed Beat

High School Seniors’ NAEP Scores Stall

New data show that the performance of twelfth-graders in math and reading on the National Assessment for Educational Progress, or NAEP, has not improved since 2009. The NAEP exam is regarded as “the nation’s report card.” Even more concerning, persistent achievement gaps remain between Latino and black students, and white students. The new NAEP data show 2013 exam performance.

In 2013, about 26 percent of all students scored at least proficient on the mathematics exam. The percentages broken out by race and ethnicity were white students, 33 percent; Hispanic students, 12 percent; African American students, 7 percent, American Indian students, 12 percent; and Asian students, 47 percent.

In reading, about 38 percent of students scored at least proficient. The percentages by race and ethnicity were white students, 47 percent; Hispanic students, 23 percent; black students, 16 percent; American Indian students, 26 percent; and Asian students, 47 percent.

U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan released a statement calling the persistent achievement gaps troubling. 

“We must reject educational stagnation in our high schools, and as a nation, we must do better for all students, especially for African-American and Latino students,” he said.